The Squid

by Alejandro:

Food: The squid eats krill.

Where it lives: The squid lives in the Atlantic Ocean.

Predator : The squid's predator is the dolphin.

Facts: The squid has no bones. Those kind of animals are called invertabrates. Protection: The squid can protect itself by using its ink. It squirts the ink to help the squid get a boost so it can swim away from its predator. Another way that the squid can protect itself is with its tentacles. Under the tentecles there are suction cups called suckers. The suckers help destroy ships and boats. Some suckers have sharp edges.

Other squids or octapuses: Giant Squid.

Octapus food chain: Sharks<<Dolphin<<Squid <<Krill.

Ocean plants:sea enemane can sting fish but the clown fish. Those not get sting. Adaptation: The squid can adapt living in the ocean because there's olot of food space and spaces to hide,from there enemy.