Wonders of the antarctic

and Roots in the ocean.




The Antarctic is a wonderful but cold place.

Their temperature is very cold but their

animals have adaptations that keep

them warm. The animals are

very cool. There are many

penguin species but

they are the only

animals in the






huge group

of penguins is

called a rookery.



There are many plants underwater but there are none on the antartic. so i am reaserching also about the ocean (that's why the phrase "roots the ocean" was in the title) the plants underwater

include seaweed and coral

the animals of the Antarctic

There is mainly 1 animal in the antarctic.The penguin species. But there are many! And there are rookerys and they are huge!(and by huge I mean HUGE! They are big) There are many tipes of penguins like the fijordland,

king,emperor,Gentoo,little and rock hopper. But always remember the chinstrap penguins;they are very agressive.


The temuture is freezing cold. Imagine. The Brooksheres store ICF (ice cream freezer) is 10 below zero.

Antartica,however is 80 below zero. 70 degrees lower than the ICF (ice cream freezer) but the penguins

there are warm becuse of adaptations. The penguins have a warm layer of fat called blubber.They also shed their feathers to keep cool (the penguins that live in the hot shed often but not the ones in antartica they do not shed often)

what does antartic

look like

It snows everywhere! You see noisy,smelly,busy,crowded penguin rookerys everywhere! Penguins dive into the freezing water and catch and eat fish (like having a meal of fishsticks everyday) But don't be surprised.Their coats are waterproof! Penguins may be making rookerys to find a mate.

The penguins adaptations are very interesting. You may find them to be very rare. here are some of them.

  1. short wings redused to flippers for "flying" underwater.

  2. phisilogical adaptations to allow the penguin to dive for long peiroids of time and great depths.

  3. short very dencely packed feathers help in streamlining in water and keep the wind off and insulate them on land.

  4. short,stiff tails help balance them on the land and forms a tripod with heels on ice to give the least contact to prevent from losing body heat.

  5. short sharp beak for catching krill and fish,pecking at neighbors on nest and attacking nosy scientists and lazy tourists.

the penguin species eat. most of their diet humans do not eat. but there are animals that eat the penguin. here is some infromation about that.

the penguins do not have many foods on their diet. they only have three. a small amount. or a really small amount. and those three things are fish krill and squid.

the penguin has less perededors than prey.(thank goodness) there are only 2. the leapord seal and killer whale. only 2.


seaweed only has 1 adaptation. but i find it very rare. it has a(n) air bladder that allows in to float up in the water to reach sunlight.