Ocean Crabs

by: Emory S.

Crabs have little claws on thier hands called pincers. Crabs have hard shells to protect them and to keep them and all of their family out of very big danger. So they will have a good time, and spend more time with thier family. I would want to be a crab because I want to feel the pincers. If you don't know about crabs i will tell you about the crabs. Crabs can hide under sand, and the wood in the water. Crabs are down deep in the water where no body can see them. Sometimes people can stand back away from the water and see the crabs. I think some crabs still are in danger like we are sometimes. Birds fly above all over the ocean. I can't wait to go back to the ocean because I like going everywhere with my cousins. Where have you seen crabs? You mostly see crabs at an ocean. And you see crabs in the ocean getting hurt by other creaters in the ocean. What is the favorite things about crabs in the ocean? I like crabs because when they are little they are so cute. Have you seen the crab's back? If you have seen the back of a crab it is like a little shield. They have those shields for a reason. They need the shield for if anything tries to hurt it. Whatever tries to hurt it, the crab hides in its shield. If I were a crab I would hide in my shield if i was in danger or I would run as fast as I could. If you were a crab and you were in danger would you run as fast as you could? Some crabs live in the ocean or sea and there are some cracks in the ground. Do you know why there are cracks in the ground? Sometimes there are cracks in the ground because of some people when they step on the ground and animals fins hit the ground. Sometimes animals in the water crawl on the ground and swim on the ground in the water. Crabs can live under sticks in the water. And they can live close to sea weed even they can live under some rocks in the ocean. That sounds like fun living under a rock. Would you want to live under a rock or some sea weed. That sounds like so much fun living in the ocean. Preditors of the crab are fish, snakes, jellyfish, turtles, and sea turtles. What crabs eat are really anything that comes at it. How does crabs grow? It comes out of its egg and then in two weeks they become adults. Do you know how amazing crabs are? Crabs are mostly in danger so what they do is they try to run in the water and make a plan and then comes out and fights. What do crabs look like? They have long pointy pincers. Where do we see crabs? In the ocean or in the sea getting hurt by other creaters. Crabs run sideways. Some crabs can run sideways like a sidewinder. And some crabs run forward but it would be hard because thier body will be in the middle and the body is the heaviest part of the crab. Some crabs be seen in the water even if they are still in the water. And they can see people if we are out of the water. The fish and everything else in the water. Crabs can be any color. Life cycle of a crab. Animals in the ocean habitat are fish, birds, whales, sharks, penguins, killer whales, squids, jellyfish, and stingrays.

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