by: Fiona
My animal lives in the desert.
It is tall and BIG.
You can ride on one if it has 2 humps.
There are only a little bit that have 2 humps left.
A lot of 1 hump left.
Camels live in the desert and it is super hot in the desert.
There is not much water and food is hard to find.
Camels can go without water for weeks.
Camels have adapted to the desert by having two eyelids and big padded feet.
A desert plant is the CACTUS.
They have spike so nothing can eat it.
They store water in them. They can grow flowers. They can be tall.
They have a lot of roots and they go deep under ground so far.
They are BIG.
A desert LOOKS like:
The desert is long.
It has sand dunes.
There is not a lot of plant life there.