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Shark babies:Sometimes they call them "Pups" some lay eggs cases they may have dozens of shark babies however its born the mother shark dosen't take care of it.Body parts shark hearing:Sharks extrymly have sensetive hearing .Shark smelling: Sharks can smell over to up a mile.Shark teeth:Most sharks have 4 rows of teeth they dont chew.They use there powerful teeth new teeths are always for mean shark predetors .Fisher man kill an estimated.30million to 10million sharks. Every year about 75 shark speicies are in danger of becoming estinct.Sharks can't chew so they bite of chunks of their prey with there sharp teeth and gobble the chunk in one swallow.Sharks can feel the vibration fish in danger make when they swim ,even when those fish are very away .Sharks keep swiming and swiming in the deep darkness of the sea.Usally they stay bellow where the sunlight can reach most sharks have to keep moving or they will sink to the bottom of the sea.Their fins help them keep swimming even when they are asleep. most sharks have to keep swiming so water is full of oxygen can pass through their gills.Thats how they breath.sharks live:theres 4000 sharks.Whale sharks is bigger than a bus the whale shark is the biggest shark.Sharks have lived more than 300million years.These fish have been around sine the day of the dinousaurs today,there are more than 350kinds of sharks.But the great white are the largest predetors,other sea animals have to watch out for these mighty hunters.strong and deadly,the great white shark.They do not live in freshwater. There habitat is salt water. This shark has adaptations like white on the bottom and blue on the top.Their habitat is ocean,They dont live in fresh water.Sharks can live up to 20-30 years and they give birth up to 100 pups.The basking shark opens its mouth to eat its prey but he dosent chew he bites of chunks.Nurse shark dosent mean his a nurse shark you have to get close to him he is dangreous.Hammer shark this hammer shark isnt a hammer.

this are some good pictures about sharks