by; Ben W.

Fins: A Dorsle fin helps a shark balance in the watr .The PECTOERAL FINS keep a shark from falling over. A TAIL FIN or CAUDAL FIN gets a shark up and moving. Predators: killer whales are predators of the great whites. Prey: sea lions, seals, dolphins, squid and other sharks are all on the menu. HABITAT: great whites live off the coast of all cochrys aset Antarctica. But sharks live all over the world. Plants: You can find plants in the corel reef. Plants like sea unines, coel and alge. Adaptations: Sharks have in my estemashen about 200 teeth. Life cycle: pup>midlel>adult
Other Animels: jely fish , clown fish, shark pups .
fast facts: did you know that the whale shark is the wolrds biggest shark? It is as big as a school bus! Sharks can lose up to 5000 teeth in a lifetime. A basking shark swims with its mouth open. Great White sharks can jump 10 feet out of the warter. Sharks have ruogh skin. Pepel are not nachrel pray of sharks. Sharks have to keep moveing or theyll bowd. The great white is the most feared shark. Sharks fins help a shark. great white hsarks can wha up to 5,000 pownds.gret wite sarks cocvinges machis the water.