Douglas's Scorpion on PhotoPeach wordle.jpg
by Douglas

I believe a scorpion is an amazing animal because it has a stinger and pincers. It got its name because the shapr part of the stinger is like the tip of a pen and a pen sounds like the end part of its name. A scorpion can be as long as a foot or as small as a few centimeters. THey can come in many colors like red, black, yelloow, viloet, and brown.When a scorpion eats it uses its stonger to kill its prey then it bites the tiny claws in its mouth help it chew its food. The mother scorpion gives birth to eggs and holds the eggs in her stomach. WHen the eggs hatch the young scorpions use their pincers to cut through and crawl out and onto their mom's back. For a week or two they ride there then they grow a coat of armor. They go on their own then. They have eight eyes so you think they will have great eye sight but they are blind. They are related to the spder and crab. Can you believe that? WHen a scorpion mates the female will eat the male. Some scorpions have a chemical that allows them to glow in the dark. Scorpions live in the Sahara desert among other places. A scorpion is an insect. It looks more like a spider with a tail. Scorpions start out as eggs, then baby scorpions, then grown up scorpions. Scorpions live up to be 15 years old but that is very rare. Scorpions can feel the vibrations in the ground and know when to attack.
Baby scorpions walk backwards. But when they grow up they will walk forwards. Animals in the desrt have adapted to less water. The cactus has thorns so anmilas can not eat the water inside. The weather is very hot and the desert has not a lot of water.