Jake's Camel Spider on PhotoPeach


Do you know the desert? Because I do and I will teach you about the solpugid camel spider. The desert can be a very hot place. It can also be cold too, but that is at night. It is very sunny in the desert and there is not much water there. It also has sand dunes, and oasis.

Did you know that the camel spider is not venomous and that it is not deadly to humans.The fact is that the camel spider is not even a spider, but rather a solpugid.

And now we can learn about the saguaro cactus. It is a producer (that means that it produces its own food,) and it also has another 2 special features. It can store water in it's thick hollow stems and it has spikes. (That is an adaptation.) And some plants in the desert are shrubs, and palo verde trees. And some animals are the sidewinder,fox, and vulture.

And now the moment we have all been waiting for .... my animal! An adaptation it has is.....his color! It is sand colored to camoflouge him for safety and hunting. It can survive the weather by burrowing in the ground.

He is in the group called arachnids like squarpins, and he is also an arthopod like crabs.

He is a predator of small insects like beatles and he also eats rodents.

He is a prey of large mammals like hawks and vultchure.

His life cycle is: the parent guards the eggs, the eggs start to crack, and the spiderlings start to come out.

His food chain is beatles, camel spider, hawk.

The desert is truly amazing and so are the animals, and the fact that they can survive the hot weather conditions.

A KERPOOF! cartoon about the Camel Spider's Food Chain!