Scorpion:Warning :The most dangerous scorpion is the fat-tailed scorpion of North Africa,its vendom is as strong as a cobras'.the durango scorpion of Mexico and central America is also deadly.It kills up to 1,000 pepole each year!

Scorpions Life Cycle:egg,gets on mothers back,adult they hunt

Scorpions Prey/Predater:The preys are insects and dead cacti.thier preaditor is the hawk.

Scorpion Adapt:Scorpions survive by hiding under rocks in the day cause its only 104 fahrenheit and 40 celsius in the shade.But at night

they stay up to hunt for insects and dead cacti some times they hide behind a rock and sneak up on the incects and pop out and grab them!

Scorpions Habitat:The scorpions habitat is the desert, lets talk about them!There are deserts where rain hardly falls a few plants that can survive,where the sun

scorches the earth and strong winds whip sand and dust from the ground.

Weather in the harsh desert:In the day time it may be 104 fahrenheit and 40 celsius in the shade.Even the hottest deserts can be cold night.Death Valley Californa is the hottest and driest desert of the United States.

Fun Fact

Did you know that there are not just hot deserts there are cold deserts too

like Antartica but here is a differnce the desert has plants everywhere

and Antartica does not have any plants but at the bottem of the ocean.

The sagauro cactus:The sagauro cactus is found in North American deserts.It can grow up to 50 ft.high and live for 200 years.

Sagauro Adapttatoins:The Sagauro cactus adapts to the harsh desert by storeing water for the other animals after 200 years it will die and the scorpion comes

and eats some of it.