Riden's_shark.jpg Hi! I am learning about sharks. Some facts about sharks: Some sharks eat other sharks. What is a shark? A shark is a big fish that eats a lot of things. What eats sharks? Sharks get eaten by whales, sharks and human. Why sharks live in the ocean: If sharks lived in the desert they would die. So that's why they live in the ocean. Sharks food chain: Seaweed gets eaten by a little fish and a little fish gets eaten by a bigger fish and the bigger fish gets eaten by the sea turtle and the sea turtle gets eaten by the shark and the shark dies and then is decomposed by backtiriea. What do sharks eat? Well, they eat tuna, sea turtles and more! Sharks can have about 5,6, or 7 gill slits. Sharks can have five rows of teeth. Sharks can see better in the dim light than pepole. Some sharks like shiny things. They look for them as they swim. Sharks do not try to harm pepole!!!!! Sharks close there eyes when they attack their prey!!!!!!! Sharks can have about 5000 teeth in there lifetime. Sharks do not use their tongues to taste. They use the skin inside their mouth. Sharks ears are inside there head. Sharks can hear sounds that are far away. Sharks breathe by taking water though the gills and mouth. A dwarf shark is about 5 inches long. Sharks life cycle: They either grow inside their mother or they are born inside eggs deposited on the ocean floor. Sharks can be black, blue, grey or white. Sharks covering is skin, teeth, gills and fins. The shark is an amazing animal so are the animals in the ocean. Sharks have very sharp teeth they use them to chomp up meat. A dwarf shark has a lantern on its head.