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A sidewinder a tipe of snake that has horns . The sidewindr has its on predders such as rats lizards and sand. The life cicle of this snake;egg to crake to and then comes out . then after the rest of the day it will shed its oid skin by rubbing its snout on a rough sorface to tear the skin . next it beging to wriggle out of the skin.as the skin is pulled off, it is turned inside out once the whole skin is off the snake can sliter away leaving it behind keeing water in;some snake live in very hot dry places,where most other animals could`t survive.Snake are ale to live there because there scales help to moisture inside their bodies stopping them from drying out.like all animals,if snake become too dry they will die.Many snake have very shiny scales which make them look as if theyre wet and slliney in fact if you tuch a snake it usually feels dry and smooth but not all snake are smooth and shiny.puff adders for example,have very rough keeled scales which make them look dull and flaky .Folding and streching:when sidewinder are in burrwrows they move by folding and streching ther bodies. by bunching up one half of the body until it is wedged betwing the side of a tunnel a snake can than push or pull the rest of its body forward.This is called concenrrina movemevement .Many snakes find it diffictcull to move over smooth loose surface such as sand becaues there is little to push ageinst.But the desert sidewiders havesa special way of doing this the snakes makes a loop with its body and then throws it.But